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Kathleen was born in Zeist, Holland and now living in Wakefield, New Hampshire. She has had the privilege to experience other cultures and places in the world. These are the things that make her medium thrive. She once had a teacher who was demonstrating welded art. She knew then at the age of 8 that she wanted to do this. She honors her parents for all the gifts of opportunity they have given their children. She last lived in Corpus Christi, Texas but then moved to a secluded ranch where she could watch and listen to nature's wonders. Upon moving to Wakefield, NH she knew she was finally home. The cold climate is more desirable to her and the work involved in creating steel sculptures. She started selling to a gallery in Berlin, MA and then moved here.  Since moving to New Hampshire she has been selling to Galleries on the East Coast. She has been the Feature  on 'The New Hampshire Chronicles" soon after arriving here and have found the business to have a strong foothold here in New England since then. Once asked how she liked the people in New England and the only response to this is "they have all been so great and open to me and my art". We lead a simple life in the woods of New Hampshire but are truly at peace here among the beautiful trees and wonderful people. All of my abilities come natural and her Father  said "she was born this way". My early schooling proved to be the basis for my creative mind and then she took it from there. She is disabled, and yet with the shaky hands caused from her epilepsy she won't let it stop her determination to thrive in this art medium. It is of course a constant challenge to overcome these obstacles and keep creating, but it is the driving force of her strength to somehow continue. She hopes you see the beauty and feelings that go into each creation. Drop her a line at
Larry was born in San Antonio, Texas but grew up in Corpus Christi Texas. They now live in this beautiful serene place they call home. He was an oilfield welder and owned his own independent welding business. He has tried his hat at many things including surfing and racing cars but ended up as a welder. He is also a very talented artist in his own making. His schooling was the beginning of his individual art style that he has carried on till now. He had a family but, decided after some soul searching to move on. The two met through mutual friends and then he became the teacher to Kathleen. Larry himself an artist taught Kathleen how to masterfully use the torch. They both feel that when they put their imagination and creativity together is when they create the best pieces. They try to work together as much as possible where his expertise of metal compliments their creations. Their joint desire to constantly improve on their medium is the driving force to them both. He is a perfectionist and so is she so the match proves well for the two and shows in their creations.


(Juried Members of "The League of NH Craftsmen") 



I'm an artist who loves Nature and all it has to show us. . 

The design's I create are inspired by what I see in the woods surrounding our home. We share the beauty in our work for others to enjoy in their homes and offices.

Welding & Fabrication

We do custom fabrication and welding of all kinds. If you need handrails or custom work contact us here.

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